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Want to Make Some Quick Frinks?

Anyone can make some Frinks by referring others

Here are some tips to help you earn a little extra.

Know What You Are Selling

Start by Learn more about Frink:

Explain Why Frink is Important

Most importantly, Frink is a social movement designed to give the people power over the financial system. For the first time in history, money is forced to behave in a way that puts the best interests of the people first. Frink does this best by spreading the power as widely as possible by giving everyone their equal share.

But there are many other benefits too...

For everyday people:

  • People will have a direct vote over the rules governing the currency

  • No bank fees (average person spends $1000 per year on banks)

  • Get paid to use it - The faster you join, the more you earn

  • Turns your mobile phone into a digital bank branch

  • Thousands of times more energy-efficient than the current banking system

  • 110 Million times more energy-efficient than Proof-of-Work cryptocurrencies

  • Convenient - Bank from your phone

  • A Global Currency

  • More Secure - The best of fiat & crypto security

  • Designed to be more stable in price than most cryptocurrencies

For merchants:

  • No transaction fees, 33% of their profit margin for the average business

  • Chargebacks are optional, only needed if they wish to encourage customer loyalty


Accept No and Move On

As wonderful as Frink is, not everyone will care no matter what product you are introducing them too. If talking to people, don't worry about them if they are negative or don't believe in it and move on to the next person. And remember, while it's great to introduce them to new products, your relationships and friendships are more important than making a sale.

Encourage them to Link to Friends

Frink is founded on Friend links. The more friend links you have to friends, the more secure your and everyone else's account is. Nobody earns anything (Fractal Inc included!) without people linking to each other first.


Even better: Introduce them to the referral program and encourage them to find new Frink users too. You make half of what someone else makes when they further refer others. Refer an influential person who can find others and this can be significant.


Make sure they have your Referral Information

People you refer must sign up using your referral link or enter it into the referral field upon registration or you will not be paid.

Find Places Online to Share Frink
  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Telegram

  • Reddit

  • Send to your email or phone number contacts

  • Write Blog Posts - is a wonderful blogging platform

  • Post in various Cryptocurrency Forums

  • Answer questions on Quora

  • Anywhere else that we missed


DO NOT SPAM! Please, be tasteful and find places where you can add value when introducing people to Frink


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