Frinks (₣) - The Social Currency Built on Proof-of-Person

Fairly Distributed

Frink Pays Everyone to Join

Frink pays users carefully calculated rewards. Early users make a little more but everyone has a share waiting to be claimed.

On top of this, all miners earn an equal amount of mining rewards.

Designed for Stable

Yet Free Floating Price

While we expect initial volatility, Frinks should maintain a more stable price. This is because the number of Frinks in circulation grows properly alongside the number of users.

Frink is not pegged to government currencies

Ultimate Decentralization

In the near future, everyone will mine with equal mining power using our energy-efficient, highly scalable, decentralized miner. Be aware, for the sake of security, we are temporarily centralized. 

Designed for Business

FREE Transaction Fees

Transaction fees cost the average business 33% of their profit margin. Frink users can soon easily find your business in a directory of businesses that accept Frinks.

Inflation or Transaction Fees?

Inflation is economically better!

Some inflation may or may not help the economy. Transaction fees hurt it.

By paying miners using a little inflation, Frink's economy is designed to be stronger.

Designed for

Mass Adoption

What better way to introduce  people to the decentralized cryptocurrency movement than to pay them to try one and talk to their friends about it?

Proof of Person is Powered by Frink IDs


Link to your friends to link into the global social network. Anyone with their piece of the social network can verify anyone else's unique identity.


Initial testing is showing 99.9% accuracy for these IDs. This is before extra layers of protection to be added.


Unless you choose to tie more information to yourself, the only information linked to you is an ID number and social links between IDs. Eventually even these will be unlinked using Zero Knowledge Proofs.

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