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Estimate Your Earnings

How many Frinks can I earn?

Aside from using them as a currency, Frinks can be earned in three ways:

  • Linking to Friends

  • Referring Other Users

  • Mining

This is for those curious about how much they can expect to earn in the future.

For each and every one of these, the earlier you get in, the more Frinks you earn!


Note: A calculator that allows you to tweak and set your own numbers is coming soon!


Linking Rewards

Every time two people link together, both earn some Frinks, up to 150 links each. Earlier links are rewarded with more links to incentivize you to link to as many people as fast as possible.

Percentage of Full Reward Paid per Link.

Mining Rewards

Total Rewards split between miners will increase with time, in a distribution designed to increase the stability of the price of the currency in the long run. Everyone who mines earns roughly their equal share of the rewards.


We recommend attempting to link to 20 people to essentially guarantee you can mine once mining is launched. Earlier miners will earn more Frinks than later miners.


Hypothetical Scenario: You start mining when 1 million people have joined, you mine until 1 billion users have joined and 50% of people have mined. You will earn 73,000 Frinks.

Estimated Frinks Earned by Miners per Ne

Referral Rewards

You earn 50% of what the people you refer earn by linking. 

You earn 25% of what the people referred by the people you refer earn by linking.


Hypothetical Scenarios:

  • You refer 10 friends, who refer 10 friends. Everyone earns an average of 400 Frinks from linking. This will earn you 12,400 Frinks.

  • You refer a single influencer who refers 10,000 users, who earn an average of 400 Frinks from linking. This will earn you 1,000,000 Frinks.

Distribution of Frinks as Initially Paid
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