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Now Hiring Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts

Help Build Frink: The Social Currency

Frink is on a mission to build the next global currency. Where anyone and everyone can mine as equal using the power of social network analysis. Miners earn equal pay and equal say when it comes to hard forks. Frink is designed for stable prices, high performance, and free transaction fees.

Interested in these or something else you think we could use help with?

Please contact us at


Cryptocurrency Blog Writers

Write blog posts and news articles about specific features of Frink or general issues and news in the world of cryptocurrency.

General Marketing

Want to help us find users, investors, or businesses? However, you think you can help, we'd love to have your help.

Note: anyone who wants can earn Frinks by referring users through our generous referral program. Register or login and see the "Earn Frinks" tab.


Security Experts

Whether you can help us secure our website, mobile app, or blockchain.. we can never be secure enough! We are happy to pay bug bounties.

Blockchain Developers

We need help building, improving, and maintaining Frink's Blockchain

We are making heavy use of Rust, no previous experience required.

Social Network Sybil Detection Developers

Frink analyzes a social network to verify individuals and spot Sybils attempting to cheat the system in a privacy-friendly manner. The more accurate we can make this, the better.

We are making heavy use of Rust, no previous experience required.

Website Developers

Help us improve our website! We are looking to improve and expand upon existing features.

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