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The Social Currency

Frink takes a new social network approach to cryptocurrency.



Using Proof of Person to Give Every Miner an Equal Say and Equal Pay

Frink uses a new algorithm, Proof of Person, to create a truly decentralized cryptocurrency. As users link to each other, they form a social network. This social network verifies individuals, granting every person equal mining rights.  Frink’s energy efficient approach to mining scales to millions of transactions per second.

Frink is building the Money You Deserve:

  • Free Floating Price Designed to Stabilize Faster

  • Protection from Scammers

  • Free Transactions

  • You have an equal say over updates, aka hard forks chosen by majority rule

  • You earn a share of the profits equal to every other miner

Earn ₣100 just by registering. Earn many more Frinks by linking to friends!

Frink is a Global Currency for...


  • ₣100 upfront, easily earn many more

  • Every Person Mines as an Equal

  • Improved Price Stability

  • Scammer Protection


  • True Decentralization

  • Mobile Miner and Wallet

  • Low Bandwidth

  • Global Scalablity


  • ​Fast Transactions

  • Free Transaction Fees

  • Private Transactions

  • Microtransactions

How Frink Works

1) You Join

Earn 100 Frinks just for registering


3) You Mine

Frink gives every miner an equal say and equal pay


2) You Link to Others

​Earn more Frinks by linking to and referring friends and others


4) You Love Your Frinks

No one else can touch or track your new digital cash, transactions fees are free, and you are protected from scammers.

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