Earn Your Frinks

Earn Frinks by Referring and Linking to Friends

The core of Frink is the “Friend Link” between you and other people. These links are used to grant you equal mining power, protect you from fraud, and distribute the currency in a manner that encourages price stability and widespread distribution.

With every link you make, you earn Frinks. The faster you link, the more Frinks you earn per link. Link now to earn 

Reward Structure

Early Adopters earn ₣100 upfront for signing up

Linking Rewards - Earn Frinks for links you make to Friends (See Friends Tab)

  • The sooner you start linking, the more you'll earn

  • Your early links are worth more than later ones

Referral Rewards - Spread the Word, Get Paid!

Mining Rewards - Coming Soon!

  • You will be able to mine once linked to enough other well-linked friends, we recommend at least 10

  • Miners are paid every time new users link together as well as a little extra every block

  • Equal mining rights maximize your reward with no monetary investment, but early miners earn many more Frinks than later miners

Interested in knowing how much you could earn?
Check out our Earnings Estimator

Share This Link to Refer Friends

If you refer someone you know, head over the Friends tab and link together afterward!

Quickly share the referral link using these easy social links:

You will earn 50% of the Frinks earned by the people you refer from their referrals and links

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Earn Frinks

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