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The Social Currency

Trust Your Friends & Friend

NOT Governments

NOT Private Companies

NOT Miners You've Never Met

Everyone has up to ₣1000 waiting to be earned just by linking to friends

Early Adopters, Marketers, Miners, and Investors earn more



Using Proof of Person to Maximize Decentralization

Frink - The Social Currency
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You are a social being with a fundamental need to connect to other people. Frink uses these connections to link you into a social graph, the foundation for a truly peer-to-peer digital currency. These links are analyzed to verify your fully decentralized private user ID securing your money.

Frink is building the first completely decentralized cryptocurrency. Every user can equally mine the Proof-of-Person blockchain, giving you equal say and equal pay. 

When everyone mines as an equal, no one has the power to 51% attack the blockchain or change the initially agreed-upon rules. So as long as you link to enough people, your money will always remain yours and only yours.

The ability to calculate the number of people who own Frinks, while maintaining your privacy, allows Frink's distribution to encourage stability relative to changes in the number of users, the most common cause of wild price swings. Note increases and decreases in usage may still increase or decrease the price.

Joining now earns you an extra ₣100 upon registration. Earn more Frinks by linking to friends!

Frink is Building a Global Currency for...


  • Every Person Mines as an Equal

  • Equal Share of Mining Revenue

  • Designed for Lower Risk, more Stable Prices

  • Designed for Privacy & Financial Freedom


  • No Small Group Controls Frink

  • Mobile Miner and Wallet in One

  • Low Bandwidth

  • More Scalable than Ever Needed


  • ​High Performance

  • No Transaction Fees

  • Private Transactions

  • Microtransactions

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We Respect Your Privacy

We will never share your email address

How Frink Works

1) You Join

Earn 100 Frinks just for registering for a limited time only.


3) You Mine

Every miner has equal say & equal pay.

Earlier miners earn signficantly more.


2) You Link to Others

​Link to and refer others to earn Frinks. This will create a fully decentralized ID.


4) You Love Your Frinks

No one else can touch or track your new digital cash, free transactions, and you are protected from scammers.

What are you waiting for?

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